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NEWSLETTER - December 2022

Updated: Jan 8


A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all our members. Despite the cold, the price of fuel and ICT’s poor recent form, we hope you can all enjoy Christmas in the company of loved ones and that the New Year turns out to be better than we might be expecting. The Supporters Trust Board are working to make things better at the stadium – but more of that later.


Unlike the Club, the Trust has had an AGM this year. For the first time it was held at Fairways. Many thanks to those members who turned up on a snowy evening on Wednesday 13th December. Apologies go to a couple of members who had some difficulty joining the meeting on-line. We had a bit of difficulty in getting the link set up but we did finally have 2 members joining us via zoom.

We were pleased to be able to report a significant increase in the membership from last year but unfortunately, we have just failed to reach our goal of doubling our membership from this time last year. Whilst it is clearly positive to have seen such a large rise in membership numbers, the downside is that we are not seeing an increase in active members.

A year ago, Peter Mutton was Chair and had informed colleagues that he wished to stand down as Chair early in 2022 and would not seek re-election to the Board at the end of the year. Unfortunately, despite our regular pleading, nobody else has put themselves forward for the Board and therefore the Board only has 4 out of a maximum 10 elected members. Whilst there are some positive things happening with the Trust, the fact remains that the very survival of the Supporter’s Trust will remain precarious with so few Board members.