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ICT Supporters Trust Statement on ICTFC decision to move training base to Kelty

The bizarre decision to move ICTFC’s training base to Fife has proved that those at the top of the football club are completely and utterly disengaged with the fanbase. Only a few days ago, ICT Chairman Ross Morrison stated, ‘now is the time to demonstrate unity,’ yet he has now overseen a decision that literally rips the soul of the club out of the community.

Since our relegation a week ago, the Supporter’s Trust have heard from hundreds of fans and numerous ex-players who want to see the club re-engage with the local community, supporters, and businesses. The club’s answer to that is to move the whole footballing department’s training base 140 miles away.

One justification the club has cited is the cost of housing players in Inverness. If the club had managed their finances better in recent seasons, then these costs would have been covered. The club has become so distracted on chasing big money solutions they have lost out on vital local income that could have been used to help the clubs finances and avoid having to take this dramatic step.

The unanswered question is what next for our Youth Academy? ICT have a history of producing top quality youth players, with many in the current system capable of stepping up, but unfortunately, we have a manager who doesn’t play them and wants them to train 140 miles away from where they live.

It seems that the Manager will continue in his position, despite his failure, and he will continue to disregard the opportunity for local home-grown talent. Our team will spend minimal time in Inverness, instead commuting from the central belt and back every second Saturday. They will be completely disconnected from Inverness and from the club’s support.

The future of the club is at stake here. We therefore reiterate our demands for change that allows for fresh leadership of our football club with supporters at the centre of the club’s decision making and we call on all major shareholders to get together and address this situation before it’s too late.


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