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What is the Board? 

"The Board of the Supporters Trust is democratically elected by the membership. There is no fixed term for membership, but a third of the Board members (directors) are required to stand down each year and put themselves forward for re-election if they wish. In practice therefore, members will usually serve a 3 year term before putting themselves forward for re-election. Nomination forms are sent out to members in September each year with the election being overseen by an independent Election Management Group. Results are announced at the AGM in December.


The Board can consist of up to 10 elected members. The Board may also co-opt other people on to the Board where their particular skills or attributes would help the Board in its work. Numbers of elected members must always be greater than co-opted members in order to maintain democratic accountability. Currently, the Board consists of just 5 elected members and we urgently need more people to join us and help us deliver on the goals we have set.  If you support the role of the Trust and the goals we have set, then please consider joining the Board and get in touch. You will be made most welcome."

Meet The Board

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