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NEWSLETTER - April 2023


Firstly, a big “thank you” to everyone who has already completed the Match day Survey – we will be closing the survey on the 30th April and would be grateful if you could encourage other supporters to complete the survey We would love everyone’s views – from people who have stopped attending matches to those that attend every week. Your views matter to us.


The Club AGM has now been confirmed as Wed 26/04/2023. We are encouraging all shareholders to attend – however if there are any shareholders out there that cannot attend – remember to complete the proxy form to have someone attend on your behalf – the Trust will be in attendance and can act as your proxy if you wish – just let us know – either in person at the Desk on Match day or through email. Following a request for information – the Supporters Trust have recently received confirmation that the Car Parking increase from £3 to £5 is an increase until the end of the season when it will be reassessed– this increase was not advertised ahead of coming into effect – which is a contradiction of the Customer Charter that the Club has on their Website.


Saturday 29th April – 2023 – at 12:15 – The Road to Hampden Will this be a replay of a match we played at the same location on May 30th 2015? Road to Hampden T-shirts are available for pre-order on our website


We are always looking for volunteers to assist with various fundraising events – if you are interested in helping out in the future please do not hesitate to email us at

We are also looking for someone with legal knowledge that may be able to assist us with some queries that we have.

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