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Statement: Pre-season 25 June 2024

The new season is almost upon us. We had hoped that this would bring about positive change for ICTFC but the reality is that the club has regressed. On 13 June the Supporters’ Trust received assurances from the club board regarding improved communication, potential new investment and an update on the position of the CEO. We have yet to see anything concrete regarding any!

In addition, the reputation of the football club has been dragged further into disrepute by the recent treatment of players and staff: from the well-documented Aaron Doran situation to the lack of contact with out-of-contract players and coaches who have been loyal servants. This is unacceptable. These are not the standards we expect from our club.

The responsibility for communicating with the playing staff must sit with the management team yet they appear to have been invisible at a time when players, either in-contract or out-of-contract, needed them the most. This calls into question the long-term viability of the first team management and their commitment to Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Communication from the club has been poor for years. It is now beyond awful. We have a situation where the first team squad and management have returned to pre-season training yet there has been no communication regards the makeup of that squad and management. How can we as fans support this? The answer is we cannot. 

We have always stated that the renewal of season tickets is an individual choice, however, until such time as we receive reassurances from the club board with regards investment and a leaving date for the CEO, it is the unenviable and regrettable position of the Supporters’ Trust that we are calling on fans to pause their purchase of season tickets and club merchandise.

We again ask that the club communicates with its supporters, provides updates on the playing and coaching staff and publicly acknowledges the service of players who have left the club, as well as addressing the financial situation and that of the CEO. We were promised change, we will continue to lobby for change, and we need that change sooner rather than later. 


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