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Supporters Trust Fans Meeting held Saturday 23rd September 2023

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Thank you for all the amazing discussions that were held - and another meeting is planned at the same venue - the date is 11th November 2023, The Innes Bar (Beer Garden), 61 Innes St, Inverness IV1 1NR. Please register your interest by visiting our event page


ICTST confirmed that the club are looking at introducing a new phone system - however several people felt additional communication aspects should also be addressed & the following examples were provided

  • Removal of the 16-25 season ticket category with no communication on the reasoning - noting that it appears several fans in this age bracket have not renewed this year due to the increased cost.

  • Many fans have not renewed their season tickets this year with some not receiving any renewal correspondence from the club at all. Fans felt a phone call from the club to ask why they had not renewed would be worthwhile by way of feedback for future season ticket renewals and make fans feel valued and may reconsider renewing for this season.

  • Car Park price increase was done with no prior notice or reason to fans. Highlighted that it is run by the Community Trust but noted that it was only found to be an increase on the day of the match on the instructions of the club.

  • Section 94 - Pay at the Gate match v Elgin - how much did this raise towards the project? Where are the funds that were raised currently being held?

  • Clarity of roles within the Club. Faces known but not clear what specifically their roles are, in particular the role of Sporting Director. It was confirmed that this had been discussed on the Wyness Shuffle previously by the CEO, but feedback was that not everyone listens to podcasts with many fans unsure of what the role entails.

the venue

Car Park

  • The car park is locked down at 3pm, causing issues for late comers and for disabled access

  • Disabled Parking spaces are an issue in their layout, often used by non-disabled fans. This is something for the Disability sub-group to also consider.

  • Noted that there were stewards at the car park post match on the day of the meeting, however they allowed vehicles to turn right into the traffic at the front of the stadium which caused log jams and near misses with fans walking to the buses.

  • Understand that there are plans to improve the car park? Are there further details on timescales or a programme of works that can be shared with fans?

Disabled Experience

  • Volunteers came from the attendees to assist in a working group with the club going forward. Those details will be passed on and meeting dates confirmed separately. Thank you to those that volunteered and if anyone else is interested in assisting then please drop the Supporters Trust a message.

  • Disability survey for access to be conducted by an attendee at the meeting separately and report will be shared to working group and wider fan base.

Health & Safety A few H&S issues were raised which we agreed to pass to the club for investigation and consideration.

  • Railings on certain staircases are required. We understand they cannot be on all but can this be looked at further with the main areas of concern highlighted.

  • Corner of the North & West stand area of the stadium can get very wet and slippery. It is a trip hazard area for some time and feels neglected.

SLO The Supporters Trust have raised that this could be a volunteer and not necessarily an employee from the club. Those who may be interested expressed a request to see a form of job advert/description for this from the Club to be able to consider the role.


  • Hospitality - can alternative match days be considered for the weeks where the corporate hospitality is not on to raise more funds?

  • Clarity on the Freeport status - what does that actually mean and how could it benefit the club? Equally additional info on the Battery Park would be appreciated, what actually is this, what’s the club’s involvement and how does the club expect to be rewarded for its involvement.

  • On the back of the match day team sheets - could the club consider a 1-page programme/newsletter to update fans and to use up the empty space?

  • Christmas parties - are they back for the children this year? Several people were happy to volunteer to help to get this to happen if not already planned in.

  • Consider various levels of Supporters Trust Membership, similar to Morton. This would enable funds to be raised for specific projects.

  • Several volunteers came forward offering services and assistance. The Supporters Trust Board will be in touch shortly (if we have not already).

  • Noted from those in attendance that many have supported this team through good and bad and will continue to do so. That's what being a fan is all about.

  • Next meeting planned in for November 11th - same venue



On behalf of ICTST

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