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The Supporter’s Trust is calling on all fans to get behind the team

Saturday’s playoff second leg against Montrose is now undoubtedly the biggest game in our club’s history. The Supporter’s Trust is calling on all fans to get behind the team, turn out in numbers and give the club the best possible chance of advancing to the next stage of the playoffs."

The attendance at our last league game of the campaign was the biggest of the season with a nearly 3000-strong crowd, creating some much-needed atmosphere and showing that this football club means so much to so many.

The Football Club has intimated that restructuring will be required in the summer. It is imperative that supporters are consulted on such changes in order that we can all move forward as one.

Therefore, we urge supporters to join the Supporters Trust and help build the Stronger Together Fund, which aims to bridge the gap between the club and its supporters.

Any income generated by the Stronger Together Fund will be used to purchase shares in the club, with a view to gaining a seat on the Board. We believe that supporter’s issues can be raised at board level, ensuring fans are properly represented and have a say in the running of their club, creating a sustainable football club with supporters at its heart. As ICTFC supporters we deserve more.

Supporters can donate by visiting where they can find out more about what the ICT Supporters Trust and join for only £5.

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