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Update - Supporters Trust Fans Meeting 06/04/24

It was great to see so many of you at the Fans Meeting yesterday, and to receive so much positive feedback about the meeting and the good progress the Supporters Trust is making in getting issues addressed by the club.

Yesterday saw the launch of our Stronger Together Initiative and for those of you who haven't yet had a chance to look into it - you can find all the information on our website through this link: Stronger Together | ICT Supporters Trust

It is clear that we are making progress with many of the issues and concerns raised at the previous meetings, and that the club now wants to hear our concerns and to see if they can act on them where it is practical to do so. However, there is more work to do, and we will continue to pursue issues on behalf of fans.

As at this morning, our membership has grown by 33% this year already, and if you are not already a member, please consider joining, as it will increase our ability to get improvements for fans. Membership is only £5 (£1 for Under 16s) and you can join using this link:

We are very grateful to the Chairman, Ross Morrison, and SLO/Director, Scott Young for attending the full meeting and answering questions in a very open and frank manner. They also took the opportunity to speak to many of those present after the Q&A finished.

This update is not intended to be a full report of the discussion, but it will give those not present a flavour of the issues discussed.

Stronger Together

This was launched at the meeting, and is covered on a separate thread:

Battery Farm

The Chairman advised that the club will submit its appeal to the Scottish Government Reporter, but it cannot do so until it receives the decision of Highland Council in writing,. The process is likely to take six months. He is confident that the Reporter will approve the scheme. However a new buyer has to found, so there could be a reduction in the sum the club will receive.

Club Finances

The club is preparing its budget for the year starting on 1st June. This includes a restructuring due to the losses being incurred.

The Board is working hard to develop revenue streams, as it wants the club to remain full time. Income is now being received for the North Stand car park through the Red John project. Other revenue streams are being pursued with the objective of raising £600k per year from the ground, the club's land and through greater use of the facilities. Issues being explored include sponsorship of the three stands, a tenant in part of the building, greater use of the Highlander Suite and Boardroom for conferences and events, electric charging points and a car wash.

Squad / Academy Graduates / Injuries

The Chairman explained that decisions on players are taken by the Manager. The Manager reports to the Board, but it is the Manager's job to make decisions on players and he decided which players would go out on loan. The Chairman recognised that we have a lot of promising Academy Graduates, who have been out on loan since January and therefore not available to us.

Our injury position has been bad, but the Chairman pointed to other Championship clubs who have had similar issues this season.

There were a lot of concerns raised in the meeting about the Academy Graduates being sent out on loan when we should be giving them game time ourselves, and about what the reasons were for the injury situation.


The SLO advised that he had taken on board the feedback about the cost of hospitality, and that next season there will be different packages for different games, with some being the current corporate offering and others being at a much lower cost and targeted at the wider fanbase. He hopes that hospitality will be in place for every home game.

The Supporters Trust has been pushing for this for a significant time, so it is good to see the views of our members being acted on.

Season Tickets

This is another issue the Trust has been pushing for some time, and it was pleasing to hear the SLO confirm that there will be proper marketing for next season, including contacting fans who have not renewed.

Disability Issues / Singing Area

The Trust has been seeking an on site meeting with the club to review the matchday experience for fans with disabilities. The meeting is scheduled to take place this week.

The club is also looking at options for a Singing Area, so will look to resolve both issues at the same time, ensuring the needs of both groups are met.

Stewarding Issues in North Stand at the Ayr Game

The SLO had a positive meeting with Section 94 this week and outlined the actions taken following the incidents at the game.

A number of Section 94 members were at the Fans Meeting, and confirmed that they were happy with the action the club had taken and that they considered the matter to be closed.

30th Anniversary

The club will share its thoughts with the Supporters Trust in the near future.

Finally - If you haven't already listened to George from the Supporters Trust speaking with the Whyness Shuffle Podcast which was recorded ahead of our win yesterday  - you can find that here - The Abyss | The Wyness Shuffle (

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us at


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