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Milestones and Memories - 25 years!

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The Coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions imposed by Government have had a significant impact on us all. For much of the past year the stadium has been closed to supporters and this has inevitably impacted on what the Trust can do. The pandemic has also had a personal impact on individuals in their working and private lives.

But this does not mean the Trust Board has been totally inactive. When it became clear the Club felt it was not in a position to pay the upfront printing costs for the book it had asked club historian Ian Broadfoot to write, the Trust stepped in and led a fundraising campaign. This raised enough to get the book to print together with some healthy profit for the club. Milestones and Memories is a terrific journey through the club’s astonishingly successful first 25 years. If you haven’t read it yet, you can buy a copy here.

Sadly Ian passed away a few months ago after a short illness. Ian had been a member of the Supporter’s Trust since its inception and played a key role in the early days. He will be greatly missed, but Milestones and Memories is a truly fitting legacy to a lovely man.

Money raised by the Trust goes towards supporting the club or associated football related activities in the wider community. Recently the Trust made a donation to the Club’s Wall of Fame appeal.

Work has also been going on behind the scenes in updating a variety of administrative functions of the Trust to help position us better moving forwards. The mechanism for paying memberships had been rather convoluted in the past but is now a bit more user friendly. And, of course, seeing as you are reading this, you can’t help but notice that we have a new website!

As we move forward in the new season, we hope to expand the website to provide a little more information about the Trust and to make it a resource for our members. We will keep members updated on our plans through our regular communications with our members.

Key to the success of the Trust is its members. And we need more. Lots more! With an improved administrative base and with some sort of normality on the horizon, the Trust Board is looking to be rather more visible and active than it has been for some while. Be amongst the first to find out what the Trust is planning by joining now!

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