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Thanks everyone that was able to attend on Tuesday evening for all your input - despite the heightened emotion in the room I hope you felt it to be a worthwhile meeting.


For those of you that were unable to make the meeting - I am sure that you have seen most of this in the news/press as there were several reporters in the meeting and cameras outside the meeting (and in) where several of you were interviewed.


George Moodie - spokesperson from the Supporters Trust led the meeting with an introduction as follows:-


This was the 5th Fans Meeting of the season - albeit an unexpected one and the room was packed out - we estimate over 200 people were in the room - unfortunately some people were unable to make it into the room due to the volume of people and remained in the hallway listening to the meeting - we hope you were able to hear what was being discussed and thank you for your patience.

Thanks were given to the Travel Club and to Section 94 for being in attendance and for everything they have done in the season - it was noted that while it had been previously rumoured that the Supporters Trust and these 2 groups 'did not get on' - the attendance of all these groups tonight showed  this not to be the case.

The Wyness shuffle podcast team also was in attendance - note that it was mentioned later in the meeting that the Wyness Shuffle are due to record a podcast on Wednesday evening (29/05) with Ross Morrison - and George Moodie from the Supporters Trust.

New members to the Supporters Trust  were acknowledged - the membership has grown since our 3rd meeting in February by 300% - 200% in the last 2 1/2 weeks alone.

The Supporters Trust is here to be the link between the supporters and the club.  Previously the CEO had stated that the membership of the Trust was not large enough to be a true representation of the support - and therefore couldn't be taken seriously - well - it is now!

Agenda for the night was :-

 - What's happened since the final whistle until now

 - Request for a seat on the  board

 - Season Tickets


What's happened since the final whistle?

3 days of radio silence from the club - meanwhile - we - the Supporters Trust issued a statement on the evening of the final match to call out the several items (I am sure you have read it enough - but you can find it on the website here - Relegation Statement (

After what felt like an eternity - the silence was broken and the chairman's message was released to say that the club would remain full time - 1st message positively answered. - Chairman's Statement - ICTFC

- no apologies for the relegation though - however the Chairman did thank the fans and called for Unity.

- definition of Unity - fans and the club working together - the Chairman mentions their planned restructure - one that no supporters had been involved in - the question was asked if all the board had been involved too?

Fast forward to Friday ...... The statement which you can find here if you wish to read it again - Club Statement - ICTFC announces the 1st part of the planned restructure!! 'Delighted' may have been the wrong choice of word in this statement - a tie up with our League 1 opponents - this generated a lot of discussion in the room..... During the day there had also been a statement released in the Courier from the Chairman where he asked 'Is it really that bad?' The agreement in the room was that YES it was that bad.

The statement was run through in relation to the reasons for the decision - however the room was very clear that they will not be spending any money at the club until this decision is reversed.

Following this statement - the Trust have today issued a survey to understand the monetary value of those funds that are being withheld - from Season Ticket holders to those who attend occasionally - everyone counts -

A statement from Duncan Ferguson from his Everton days was then highlighted - showing how important it was for a club to remain in their home city.


Board Seat request

Update on the request that the Supporters Trust put in writing to the board ahead of their recent Board meeting - we received a response that stated that we were to meet 50% of that which Morton Supporters Trust provide to Mortin (bear in mind that Morton's ST are the main shareholders) - that equates to £75k per annum ..........................The  Trusts feeling is that the Board should be inviting a fans representative on for free - not setting such a high monetary value on it - this was felt too excessive and therefore out of the Supporters Trust reach.


Season Tickets

The Supporters Trust has requested for the reintroduction of the 21-25 year age bracket - at the time of the meeting we had not had confirmation if this was going to be reinstated.


While the Supporters Trust is not encouraging fans to boycott buying Season Tickets - our survey  will allow us to share with the club the consequences of their actions .


 Show of hands that were requested during the meeting :-

1 - Who here - who had a season ticket last year will be renewing in 2024/5 - no hands

2 - Who here - would prefer the club to go into administration rather than move to Kelty -this time - a full show of hands - indeed the proposal that was floated was that the club stays in the Highlands, go part time - and utilise the Academy - consensus was that the Academy has to stay - youth is key.


Next Steps

- Meeting with Key shareholders is being pursued 

- Survey to be arranged - links are in the email

- Volunteer - remember the Trust Board is made up of just 8 people - most of us work full time and it would be great to transfer some of the enthusiasm in the room into the board looking forward. We may not have all the answers - but we are there to listen, collate the ideas and be the voice of the supporters.

- Encourage your family and friends and anyone who will listen to join the Supporters Trust - Join Us | ICT Supporters Trust  - it's only £5 but will help to make a difference


Thank you again for your input and I apologise if I have not managed to capture everything that was discussed but hopefully this gives those not in attendance an overview.

If you have any queries or you just want to get in touch with any of the Supporters Trust board - please use the email address - this is monitored at all times - alternatively reach out to us on Facebook -ICT Supporters Trust or X (formerly known as Twitter) @ICTSupTrs



On behalf of ICTST

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