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Aug 23, 2023
The survey demonstrates that ICT supporters have little knowledge of what an SLO does and who is ICT's SLO. This compares starkly with feedback from fans of other clubs in similar surveys. This is not surprising as the role here is assigned to one of the Club's Directors, in what is clearly a tick box ecercise. In essence, the SLO should be the person who is the key link between the Club and the Supporters. Details of the widely recognised role of the SLO can be found is the SLO handbook which is a joint publication of Supporters Direct Scotland and the SFA. It is well worth a read and can be found here( It seems to me that many of the issues raised by the survey would best be discussed with the Club through someone in a dedicated SLO role, be that full time or part-time. Indeed, one might argue that it is the very fact that we don't have a dedicated SLO which has led to a situation where fans find the matchday experience so underwhelming. That being the case, there would seem to be a need for the Club to work with the Supporters Trust with a view to appointing an SLO as a matter of urgency. There are, of course, some issues which could be addressed pretty quickly without an SLO (re-instating the digital matchday programme for example) but having an SLO would allow work to progress steadily on some of the more difficult aslect which need to be addressed. My view is that this should be seen as a top priority for action following the realease of the survey report. It would be interesting to hear the views of others on this topic.


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