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So, let’s sum up the past 15 days (yes it has only been just over 2 weeks)

May 18th – Saturday

-            ICTFC were relegated to League 1 – at home following 2 legs against Hamilton – utterly devastating.

-            Supporters Trust release a statement - Relegation Statement (

 May 21st – Tuesday

-            ICTFC Chairman releases a statement to say that the team will remain full time - fantastic news -Chairman's Statement - ICTFC

 May 24th – Friday

-            ICTFC Club releases a statement to inform us of ‘one part of the planned strategic restructure’ we are moving our training base to Kelty Hearts – 135 miles from Inverness -  Club Statement - ICTFC

-            Following on from the announcement – numerous interviews/articles etc (too many to put links in for) which emphasised the shock and disbelief behind the statement.

-            Supporters Trust release this statement - ICT Supporters Trust Statement on ICTFC decision to move training base to Kelty

May 26th – Sunday

-            The Wyness shuffle release their podcast LONG WAY DOWN | The Wyness Shuffle ( – this was initially meant to focus in on the relegation but now includes the Kelty Hearts announcement

 May 28th – Tuesday

-            ICTSupporters Trust held an open meeting for fans to come together - Update - ICTFC FANS OPEN MEETING 28/05/24 ( – this attracted several media outlets and some supporters were interviewed before and after the meeting on their views.

 May 29th – Wednesday

-            Survey was released by the Supporters Trust to understand the strength of feeling and monetary value that the Club may not receive if fans boycott Season Ticket sales.

The survey can be found here if you have not already filled it in -

-            It comes to light that Kelty Hearts do not own the area that ICTFC would be using as their training base – the council do…….

May 30th – Thursday

-            Podcast released by the Wyness Shuffle with the Chairman of ICTFC and George Moodie from the ICT Supporters Trust

May 31st - Friday

-            Deadline for the ICTFC Accounts to be posted on Companies House….

-            Various rumours but no announcements……………

Sunday 2nd June

-            Silence is deafening while the rumour mill is on overdrive ……..

-            Do we still have a CEO ?

-            Are we still moving to Kelty ?

-            What do the accounts tell us?

What will Monday bring us???

We have asked the club if there will be any updates to fans and if the Kelty Hearts deal is still going ahead – more to follow we are sure …………

Remember – The Supporters Trust is here to act as your voice – since the announcement about our proposed move to Kelty, the ICT Supporters Trust Board has met 5 times to discuss and progress next steps and appropriate actions – like arranging and setting up the Fans Meeting and we have tried as best as is possible to respond to each and every email and message that has been sent to us on Social Media.

Please encourage your friends and family to have their voices heard at this – a key time for our Club - Join Us | ICT Supporters Trust

To find out more about our Stronger Together initiative – please check out Stronger Together | ICT Supporters Trust


At the time of this update – we can confirm that the total that we have been told that will NOT be spent at the club in the 2024/5 season is currently £230K – of which £150k is Season Ticket sales.



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